Shaking My Head



You may be wondering why I chose “Stupidity” for the name of this post, and who I am referring to with that title.  Well, let me say that I’m not talking about the guy on the big red ball.  Sure, he looks a little stupid on that thing (or dead, for that matter), but from what I can see, he isn’t the one who chose to do this exercise.

If you will look in the far left of this photo, you will see a black and white shoe sticking out into the frame.  With my years of expert photo analysis and detective experience, I can only assume that this shoe fits the foot of a personal trainer.  Logic would tell me that no person in their right mind would be caught dead on a big Swiss ball, on top of a portable bench, in the middle of the gym, and then let somebody photo them.

Along with my detective work, I am also a seasoned veteran of the personal training field, and can probably assume that this guy is doing the superman exercise targeting the lower back and hamstrings, or some variation of it.  I can get down with that, because it’s a good exercise for those muscles.  What I can’t get on board with is the stupidity of this version.  What kind of personal trainer thinks this is a good idea???  Seriously!!!

Look at this photo for 5 seconds and you can EASILY come up with something wrong with it.  1) One move right or left and this guy is falling in the floor.  2) Focusing so much on not falling on the floor takes away from the original nature of the exercise.  3) You look stupid.  4) You’re taking up a piece of equipment that NOBODY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD has ever used for this exercise.  5) You’re so distracting that you’ve forced the two gentlemen in the background to put their feet on the seats of the benches, making them look like idiots, as well.  You’ve ruined the whole gym now….

Do I need to go on??  Or have I proven my point???

I’m all about experimentation, trying to come up with new exercises.  That’s what training is all about.  Moving forward and pushing your limits.  This does none of that.  This is taking an exercise that is fine on its own and totally screwing it up.  This is stupid.  And there is no getting around it.  I see stuff like this from personal trainers all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I make mistakes just like any other trainer, but I don’t take it this far.  When I see things like this from people who are supposed to know better I am left very angrily and annoyingly Shaking My Head.

**Note: If the shoe in the picture does, in fact, NOT belong to a personal trainer, I redirect my anger and name-calling to the man on the big red ball.  But my point remains the same.  That is all.


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