No Butts About It

If I have had this conversation once, I’ve had it a thousand times…

Me: “Today we’re doing squats!!”

Female: “No, let’s do something else.  I don’t want my butt to get big.  Please??? I hate squats.  Anything but squats.” – Insert most nasally, whiny voice imaginable.

It may not be those exact words each time, but nevertheless, I get this a lot.  Whether it is a client or just a female who is working out near me in the gym, all to often I hear them complaining about how squats will make their butt too big.  Now, I’ll be honest with you guys, I usually don’t have a problem with big butts, but I do have a problem with this.  You want to know why??  It’s because when somebody says this, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Squats aren’t the culprit behind all the large asses that women are so afraid of gaining.  You want to know what makes your butt bigger?  A cheeseburger.  Chocolate chip cookies with ice cream.  That couch in front of the television with your own indention made into it.  That blanket that makes it so easy to snuggle up on the couch?  Yeah, that’s not helping either..

You want to know what squats will do for you??  Lift.  Tone.  Tighten.  Strengthen.  Name something that bad diet and lack of exercise do to your body, and squatting does the exact opposite.  Ask around, the majority of fitness experts out there will agree that one of the best overall exercises for your lower body and core is that squat, or some variation of it.  Why in the world has it been around for so long???  BECAUSE IT WORKS!!!  Just like the wheel, the squat has endured the test of time because it works.  It’s that simple.  It wouldn’t still be around today if that wasn’t the case.

So, the next time you catch yourself complaining that you either have, or don’t want to get, that big butt you’re so worried about, then drop the remote and pick up some dumbbells.  Do some squats, work hard, break a sweat, and see some great results while you’re at it.


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