Exercise of the Week

Pushup Crossover

We do this exercise quite often in class, but I think it is a great exercise that should be highlighted here.  I’ve got a modified version and a full version both for you this week.  This is a simple exercise, but one that is great for upper body and core strength.


With the modified version, as you can see, we are simply holding the high plank (pushup) position.  Use your abs to pull your knee in as close to your elbow as you can, if not past your elbow.  Make sure your right knee goes to your left elbow, and vice versa (hence the name crossover).  Also, note the stationary foot in this movement.  Push off the toe of your stationary foot, adding a sort of rocking movement.  This will allow you to get your knee up higher, all while working your core out a little harder.

Front View

As you can see here, the only difference is that we have added a pushup in between our crossovers.  Since one full crossover involves both knees, we do one pushup followed by both legs.  Then repeat.  Make sure to go all the way down on your pushup for a full range of motion.  To increase intensity even more, increase the speed of the movement.

Side View

Notice here that my body stays in one straight line throughout the entire movement.  If you cannot do a pushup without raising your hips up in the air, that is okay.  Simply drop to your knees for the pushup, then back to your feet for the crossover part of the exercise.  Either way, focus on keeping your hips down and abs tight throughout the entire exercise.  Again, even with the pushup, focus on pulling your knees as high as you can.



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