Exercise of the Week

Kettlebell Reverse Lunge Swing

This is a complex exercise that involves both a reverse lunge and a front swing with the kettlebell.  This is not only a great lower body exercise with the lunge, but adding the single arm swing takes it to a whole new level.  Bi-lateral movements here make the core work extra hard in order to maintain balance and the fluidity on the exercise.

Front View

As you can see here, you’ve got a kettlebell in one hand only.  So, you need to focus on keeping your core tight in order to stay balanced.  Also, use your free hand and focus on keeping both feet facing straight forward, which will both help with balance.

Side View

As you can see here, you want to take a step back and then drop the back knee straight down to the floor.  Do not bend over at the hips.  Use your lower body, keeping your chin and chest up, facing forward.  Push off the front foot and simultaneously swing the kettlebell forward using the momentum from the lower body.  This should be a smooth movement.  The swing begins when you step forward, as opposed to after.



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