Shaking My Head

Mr. “Not So” Know It All


I honestly cannot tell if the guy in the picture is posing like this on purpose, or he is really that ignorant.  I find it hard to believe that he really does not know what a recumbent bike is used for.  And surely he isn’t trying to actually use it to get an arm workout done.  Either way, I find myself laughing at this picture simply because of the image.

You have all seen the Know It All’s in the gym before.  Well, they’re evil twin brother, the “Not So” Know It All’s are out there, too.  Although they are a rare breed, they are just as dangerous if left unattended.  Getting onto the treadmill, stepping into a squat rack, and, apparently, trying to sit down on a recumbent bike, can all be hazardous to our health if we don’t treat these individuals.

Now I’m not one to bash on somebody coming to the gym for the first time and being unfamiliar with how things operate.  That is common practice, and nothing to be ashamed of if you aren’t a seasoned vet of the gym.  Along with that, though, needs to be a little humility.  While there is no shame in not knowing something, there sure as hell isn’t any shame in asking a few questions either.  I would much rather have somebody ask me how to change the settings on a treadmill than stare at a chest press machine for 15 minutes like it’s directions are in Chinese.

Again, there is nothing wrong with being that awkward kid in the gym who is new to exercise and doesn’t necessarily have a grasp on things just yet.  I tell my clients that “You have to crawl before you can walk” all of the time.  The problem is, though, that sometimes people forget that they need help trying to walk.  If you can figure it out on your own, then more power to you.  A lot of times, however, people do not, and boy is it an ugly sight.  One that leaves me Shaking My Head every time it happens.


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