Exercise of the Week

Heisman Hops

This week’s exercise is a pretty simple exercise.  It is a plyometric movement with a little bit of cardio thrown in.  As you can see from watching the video, we’re essentially doing high-knees this week.  Watch first, then I’ll make a few quick points.

The reason we give this exercise the name “Heisman Hops” is because of the pause before the change of direction.  This is very important.  Make sure to pause with your knee elevated in order to work on balance and a little bit of strength with the leg that is on the ground.  When hopping side to side, make sure to stay up on your toes.  The only time that your heels should hit the ground – if at all – is when you are holding the high-knee position prior to the change of direction.  Also, focus not so much on pushing off of your toes, but pulling your knees up as high as possible.  You want to use your hip flexors here to bring your knees up.

To increase the intensity of this movement, you can always increase the speed at which you hop side to side, or you can increase the height of your high-knee pulls.  To work on balance a little more – which we probably all could use – hold your pause for a longer count.

Repetitions – Move left for three high knees.  Pause.  Move right for three high knees.  Pause.  That is 1 Repetition. 


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