Shaking My Head

Fashion Faux Pas

Jon and I are working on this as we speak…

Anybody who knows me well enough knows that I like to at least look presentable when I’m in the gym.  I’m particularly big on the shoes that I wear, and the anal retentive in me always has to match my shirt with my shoes.  Because after all, if you don’t look good, you don’t feel good.  And we all know that if you don’t feel good, you can’t workout hard, right????  RIGHT!!  But, alas, I’m not here to discuss the do’s and dont’s of the Roy G. Biv spectrum.

We all have our own individual peeves when it comes to fashion in the gym.  Some, however, seem to be at or near the top of everyone’s list.  How about the guy wearing blue jeans, or the lady wearing  her spandex just a little too tight??  Both of these, fortunately for us, are one bend of the waste away from showing us part of their derriere.  If you’re like me, you really ain’t got time for that.  What about the woman who’s wearing see-through spandex??  You know you’ve seen her before, and thought to yourself, WFT???  As a trainer, that makes me all sorts of uncomfortable.  One of my personal favorites is the guy who’s shorts look like they might be in the next edition of Victoria’s Secret magazine.  And obviously, by favorite, I mean I really hate this guy.  Seriously, nobody wants to see those pasty white toothpicks you call legs.  Grow some muscles, and then put on some real shorts.

I certainly get that different people have their own preferences of what to wear in the gym.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But, we shouldn’t have to call Staples and ask for their easy button to differentiate normal and ridiculous.  With that said, though, it never fails.  Once or twice a week I will see somebody sporting something in the gym that just boggles my mind.  And every time it happens, like always, I’m left Shaking My Head.


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