Exercise of the Week

Burpee Ball Slam

You thought burpees and medicine ball slams were fun enough by themselves??  Well,  I took your advice and decided to combine the two for this week’s exercise.  Pretty standard as far as instructions go.  As with all exercises, keep your core tight throughout, especially on the medicine ball slam, as that is the primary focus of that exercise.

Always begin this exercise in the standing position.  Start with the burpee and go right into the ball slam.  Try to make this as fluid of a movement as possible.  Do not rest in between the burpee and the ball slam.  If you must rest before completing your reps, rest AFTER the ball slam.

Side View

Notice here that I’m bending primarily at my knees, while pushing my hips back, during the medicine ball slam.  There is going to be some rotation around the hip, as the exercise involves hip flexion, but try to bend at the knees as well on the way up and down with the slam.  Do not lock you knees out at any point during the medicine ball slam unless you are standing straight up.  When slamming the ball down, as I am doing above, focus on pushing the hips back and bending with the knees, much like a squat.  This will minimize stress on the low back and help you focus on using your core muscles throughout the movement.

***NOTE: I am using a no-bounce medicine ball that is filled with sand.  Make sure you know what type of medicine ball you are using before you begin.  You can generally tell if the ball is “bounce” or “no-bounce” by simply dropping it on the floor from about the level of your hip.  If it bounces, be extra careful to catch it or at least block it with your hands after doing the slam with this exercise.

Be safe with this one, but as always, WORK HARD!!


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