Healthy and Homemade

This week I’m going away from the traditional meal recipe for you and getting pretty simply.  I’m going with a smoothie.  This is one of the easiest ways to get all sorts of fruits (and vegetables if you want) all together in one meal.  These can serve as meal replacements at breakfast or dinner.  Also, if you’re wanting a few extra grams of protein, throw in some unflavored protein powder (I do it everyday, and I love them).


1 Banana

6 Strawberries

1 Kiwi

1/2 Cup vanilla frozen yogurt

3/4 Cup pineapple and orange juice blend

6-8 ice cubes

The process is painfully simple.  Throw it all in a blender, and mix until smooth.  If you’re adding protein powder in, let all of the other ingredients mix together and put the powder in last.  Personally, I don’t ever put any yogurt or fruit juice in my smoothies.  I use fruit, water, and ice, simply because I don’t like yogurt very much.  Use the ice to thicken the smoothie.  If you want it thicker, add more ice.  If you want a thin smoothie, almost liquid form, use less ice.  Either way, regardless of preference, this is a great way to get a quick, healthy snack or meal replacement.



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