Workout of the Week

This week I’ve got a mix of cardio and weights for you, put together into a circuit.  Here are you exercises, in order…

  1. Squats – 100
  2. Treadmill – 1 Minute
  3. Pushups – 75
  4. Treadmill – 2 Minutes
  5. Thrusters – 50
  6. Treadmill – 3 Minutes
  7. Burpees – 25

As always, push yourself to get through as quickly as you can, resting only when necessary.  If you do not have a treadmill, use whatever cardio equipment you have (bike, elliptical, jump rope, high knees, etc.).  Whatever cardio you choose to do, go as fast as you can for the given time period.  Complete 2-3 full rounds.



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