Exercise of the Week


I know I say this about a lot of different exercises, but the thruster really is one of my favorite exercises.  I don’t know if I can really pick out a favorite, but this is definitely up there with any of them.  This is the definition of a full body exercise.  As you can see from the videos below, we’ve essentially combined the squat and shoulder press exercises here.  Two great pushing movements mixed with a whole lot of core activation makes this a great exercise for any workout!!  Here I am using a kettlebell, but you can substitute either dumbbell or barbell for this exercise

Front View

Two things to focus on during this movement.  On the way down, get low.  Try to get your elbows down to the level of your knees.  If you can get lower than that then do so.  The knees should be the goal, however.  On the way up, extend.  Make it a smooth movement from the squat to the press, and extend both the shoulders elbows to lock the arms all the way out above the head.

Side View

As with all squat variations, push the hips back on the way down and keep your feet flat on the ground.  Focus on keeping your weight back and driving through your heels.  Let your weight (KB or DB) be your counterbalance here.  Get those hips back!!!



No variation here as far as the movement goes.  I’ve simply added another kettlebell.  I like the handles facing downward when holding them, some people prefer to have the handles facing the floor, holding onto the ball of the KB.  Either is fine.  Hips back.  Get low.  Extend up.


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