Shaking My Head

Gym Selfies

This might be one of my favorite topics in the world of fitness.  And by favorite topic, I mean that I literally want to shoot anybody who take a mirror pic or selfie in the gym.  Look, I get it, dude.. The whole world REALLY does want to see that speed bump you call a bicep.  But, you’re intimidating all the rest of us.  I don’t know if I can finish the rest of my workout while you and you’re nipple shirt are snapping more pics than a Sports Illustrated photographer.  And you, hunny, just stop.  Quit trying to be sexy in the mirror.  Please, before my anger gives way to laughter…

Woah… that really escalated quickly.  Sorry for ranting without even explaining what I’m talking about this week.  For those of you who still really don’t get it, I’ve got visual examples for you this week.  Because in reality, I can’t do nearly what these folks have already done for us.  Enjoy…


Mmmmm, girl…. Yeah you’re looking real good, especially with your empty Starbucks cup in the background…  I bet you did a whole 10 minutes on the elliptical after drinking that coffee.  Yes, you DO deserve to take a break after all that hard work.  But would you please to us all a favor???  Grab your phone, pull up your shirt, do the splits, then take a picture of it.  And try to make on of those mysterious/sexy/bad girl faces.  That would be awesome.

You’re kidding me, right???  There are only two things worse than taking your shirt off in the middle of the gym.  One is taking your shirt off in order to take a mirror pick.  The second thing is taking your shirt off and then pulling your shorts down halfway to show off… side butt???  Boy, these guys are clicking on all cylinders in this one.  I can here it now…. “Hey, BRO, let’s take off our shirts and flex in the mirror.  We’ll get all the chicks, BRO!!”  Seriously, what the hell are these two guys doing???

Photo: Mean !

Three things immediately pop out at me in this picture.  First and foremost, this girl has a pretty solid body.  I can’t argue with the results that she’s gotten from whatever program she is on.  Second, that fat ass rock on her ring finger.  Somebody is obviously a big fan of the washboard abs and cut up arms.  Lastly, and probably most important, this chick could very likely kick my ass.  So, in the spirit of not being humiliated in the event she ever reads this post, I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.  Good work in the gym, just put the damn camera down.

Alright folks, there ya have it… The wonderful world of gym selfies.  If you’re anything like me, you’re a huge fan.  And like most of you (I hope), when I see it I’m left very adamantly Shaking My Head.


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