Exercise of the Week

Renegade Pushup

This week I’ve got a great core exercise with an emphasis on upper body strength, as well.  You will be able to tell as soon as you do one rep that your core must be activated to do this exercise, but the real focus is on the upper body.  With the pushup you are getting work on both your chest and shoulders.  Adding in the row with each arm is going to add some back work into the movement as well.  Overall, a great exercise that covers everything from the hips up.

Front View

Here you will see the regular version, pretty self-explanatory.  One pushup, then a row with each arm.  Focus here on keeping the core tight.  There will be a little side-to-side motion with the row, but keeping a wide foot position (at least shoulder width) for balance and a tight core will eliminate a lot of this movement.

Side View

You can see the body is in one straight, flat line, indicating a tight core.  Very important when doing this.  Also, not that the elbows are coming up above the line of the body.  Focus on using your lats and getting your elbows up as high as you can on the row to really work your back muscles.


The only difference here in this version is that there is an extra pushup in between each row movement.  The focus here stays the same.  Feet wide for balance.  Tight core.  Elbows up high on the row.  The extra pushup simply adds more difficulty into the exercise.

For this exercise, repetitions are counted by the number of ROWS, not pushups.


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