Workout of the Week

I’m calling this workout the “550 Workout”  No, you don’t have to do 550 reps of a single exercise, but you’re total reps will equal more than that.  I am going to give you 5 exercises.  You are to complete 50 exercise of each, hence the 5-50 name.  You MUST complete all 50 of each before moving to the next exercise.  Complete 2-3 circuits, for a total of 500/750 reps altogether.  Here you go….

  1. KB/DB Reverse Lunge Swing
  2. Plank Climbs
  3. Split Jumps
  4. KB/DB Swing
  5. Scorpion Pushups

For Exercises 1, 2, 3 and 5, you will do 25 reps on each side, for 50 total reps.



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