Exercise of the Week

Kettelbell Reverse Lunge Swing

I’ve got a great full body exercise for you guys this week.  In the video I use a kettlebell, but you can use a dumbbell if you prefer; you can use just about anything you want for that matter, as long as the weight is appropriate.  As you can tell be the name, the exercise involves 1) Single Leg Reverse Lunge and 2) Single Arm Kettlebell swing.  Pick a weight that is somewhat heavy, but not as heavy as you would use for either regular lunges or regular kettlebell swings.  As you will be able to tell, core stabilization and balance are key in this exercise, and heavy weights tend to take away from that.  Moderate weight for this is okay.

Front View

As you can see here, the kettlebell belongs in the hand of the stationary side of the body.  So, if you’re lunging with your left leg, the kettlebell belongs in the right hand, and vice versa.  Start off slow – having weight in only one hand will throw you off.  Focus on a tight core and balance between the two movements.  One thing you can see here is the fluidity of the movement.  I don’t want it to be two separate exercises.  They should flow smoothly to make one complex movement

Side View

Two things I want to point out here.  First is the position of the front knee.  As always, it doesn’t come in front of the foot.  Step back far enough so that this wont be an issue.  Also, push that back knee up to get you hip flexors some work here.  Second, don’t worry about bringing the kettlebell any higher than the shoulders.  There is a lot going on in this movement.  Focusing too much on one part will take away from another.  Bring it to parallel with the floor then back down.  Again, as with the front view, notice the fluidity of the movement.  The reverse lunge leads smoothly into the high knee/swing phase.

Hope you can find a proper weight and get the hang of this movement.  If you can, it’s a great addition to any workout, specifically focusing on core stabilization and balance.


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