Exercise of the Week

Kick Through

Another awesome exercise for you guys this week…  The Kick Through will work just about every muscle throughout your core, from your arms all the way down to your hip flexors.  The starting position for this exercise is the pushup position.  Begin by rotating your core and “kicking” one foot through to the opposite side of your body.  Replace that foot, then immediately repeat with the opposite foot going to the other side of your body.  You will be using your stationary leg along with both arms to help stabilize your body, making this a great full body exercise.

Front View

You can see that the main movement here is the rotation of the core.  Focus on using your abdominal muscles to bring your foot all the way through to the opposite side of your body as far as you can go.

Side View

Notice here that the feet should come up to at least the height of your hips.  While the main focus, as mentioned, is the rotational movement, bringing the feet up to at least hip level will add some difficulty onto the exercise.

*** The speed of the exercise is slowed down for demonstration purposes.  Increase speed to increase difficulty.  If that still isn’t challenging enough, check out the next version of the exercise.


As you can tell, this version takes a little bit more coordination and effort.  Push off of both feet evenly, rotate in the air, and land with both feet evenly.  The point of emphasis here should be not to jump and get your feet as high off of the ground as possible, but to jump and use your abdominal muscles to rotate quickly.  This is a difficult movement, but adding the jump will take this exercise to the next level, making it a great addition to any workout.


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