Fitness News and Views of the Week

For you weekly procrastination….

  • For all you guys out there who think supplementing always works, you may be wrong.
  • One of the keys developing a healthy diet is making sure your portion sizes are correct.  If you’re having trouble, here is an awesome portion guide to help point you in the right direction.
  • Now that spring time is closing in on us, many of you will try to pick up running again.  Maybe you have some questions if you are a beginner, however.  Well, here is a great Q&A with some great running tips for those of you that are new to it.
  • It seems that everything we read about dealing with the childhood obesity rate is negative news.  Well I’ve got some positive news.  While this isn’t a drastic change, a research study indicated lower caloric intake in children than in years past.

That’s all I’ve got..  Now get back to staring at the clock.  Only 7 more hours until the weekend!


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