Exercise of the Week

Scorpion Pushup

I know we did an upper body exercise last week, but I’m on a pushup kick right now.  The good thing about this pushup variation is that it has much more core work in it than last week’s exercise.  Here you go…

Modified Scorpion Pushup

As you can see, the key difference in this exercise and a normal pushup is that one foot stays elevated the whole time.  Focus on engaging the hamstrings and glutes in order to keep your foot as high as possible.  It is a little more difficult with this movement to keep the hips down and forward for that flat body position.  But, like all pushups, focus on a tight core also.  Lots to focus on here, making this a great full body exercise.

Advanced Scorpion Pushup

This version is for those who really want to step it up a notch.  Start with one leg on the ground and the opposite knee pulled in toward the chest.  As you drop to the ground, kick your leg back, using your hamstrings and glutes.  On the way up, use your abdominal muscles to pull that knee into the chest as far as you can.  Focus here on using those different muscles during different phases of the movement as opposed to simply going through the motion.


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