Shaking My Head

Valentine’s Day

This week I’m taking a step back from my usual fitness stereotype and I’m getting a little more festive.  I might probably will get in trouble for writing this post, but I can’t lie to myself and you all anymore.  That’s right folks… I don’t like Valentine’s Day.  Now let me tell you why…

It’s not because I’ve always been single on Valentine’s Day (I know, how could that happen, right??).  It’s not because I hate being sucked into mainstream traditions.  And it’s not because I don’t like to buy flowers or chocolates for someone special.  The main reason I disagree with Valentine’s Day is the notion that for one day a year you are supposed to be sweet, loving, and genuine with the person you care about the most.  It’s one day out of the year.  What about the other 364 days in the year?  You just going to ignore your significant other in order to make Valentine’s Day special?  Get outta here with that BS.  It’s the same reason I NEVER post on somebody’s Facebook wall for their birthday (WHAT?!?!?  YOU’RE AN AWFUL PERSON!!)  It’s the same reason I don’t send mass text messages on Christmas and Thanksgiving telling everyone how thankful I am for them.  My point is this:  If you have a Valentine, you shouldn’t need a creepy, fat baby with a bow and arrow to strike you down to get you to tell someone you love them.  Think I’m wrong….  Google an image of Cupid, and you’ll see how fat and creepy he is.

Now, for your pleasure, I’m introducing the Valentine’s Day Social Media Special…  My favorite Tweets and Facebook posts and what the rough translation really means:

“My boyfriend is the best.  I wish every day was Valentine’s Day”
Translation:  My boyfriend sucks and he is only nice to me one day out of the year.

“I hate Valentine’s Day.  It’s so stupid.”
Translation:  I’m bitter that you have a Valentine and I do not.  So I will put up a front and act like I hate this holiday.  In reality, all I want is my own Valentine.

“Now accepting Valentine’s Day applications”
Translation:  I’ve become so pathetically desperate for attention that it has come to this.  I also want you all to feel sorry for me because my life is so terrible and incomplete without a Valentine.


I’m probably going to get in trouble for writing this post, being that I’ve already had this “conversation” with my own Valentine.  But my brutally honest side has gotten the best of me yet again, and I cannot hide my true feelings.  I love my Valentine, don’t get me wrong, but I just simply do not agree with one day a year being more special than the others because that fat baby says so.  Whether it’s the gift giving or the sulking on social media, Valentine’s Day always leaves me Shaking My Head.

Even though I disagree with its premise, I’m still gonna be a good Valentine this year.  So, I’ll leave you with this – only the best love song ever made.  Take it from me… You put this on repeat and you’ll have to try not enjoy the evening with your Valentine


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