Fitness News and Views of the Week

You’re in luck this week…. I almost spent too much time surfing the web reading useless articles to get this posted in time..  Nonetheless, here is some helpful health and fitness news to get you through your Wednesday.

  • Think you can’t go out to eat while following your diet???  It may not be easy, but following these simple tips can help you stay on track.
  • Weight loss can be tricky, no doubt.  One dietary method that has been increasing in popularity in recent years is carb cutting.  There is undoubtedly some controversy to this issue, but when carbs are moderated in a healthy way, weight loss can be greatly enhanced.
  • If you’re like me you love a good steak.  If you’re like me you also love a good sandwich.  So, why not put them together??  Follow this recipe for a healthy meal for a change.
  • I realize this article is also taken from Men’s Health, but it is applicable to everyone.  Many of your questions regarding healthy protein intake can be answered here.

That’s all I’ve got folks… Hope you learned something


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