Exercise of the Week

We are adding another weekly entry to the blog here.  Judging by the name, I’m sure you can guess what it’s going to entail.  This will be a great addition as it will allow you to see new and different exercises.  It will also allow us to put them into your workouts each week, making them better as well!  So let’s get started….

Exercise: Bottom Half Burpee

We’ve done this exercise in class before, but I really like it so I want to put it up on here for everyone to see.  I call it the Bottom Half because it literally is the bottom half of the Burpee exercise.  Just because it’s only one half, though, doesn’t mean it’s any easier.  I have 3 versions for your to view.

1. Modified

This is the basic version of this exercise, good for those with lower limb injuries, particularly in the knees or ankles.  Focus here on keeping your core tight and bringing your knees as close to your arms as possible.

2. Regular

You’ll notice we’ve taken the step out here and added the jump.

3.  Advanced

Here I’ve added a pushup into the exercise.  While pushing the legs back, drop the chest down to the ground.  Simultaneously push back up and bring the feet back in for a full repetition.  This is for those who really want to push themselves to get an AWESOME full body exercise.


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