Workout of the Week

This week I’ve got a super-set format for you.  After each set you’re going to add in our newest core movement.  Here are your exercises and rep scheme.  Notice I’m alternating between two upper body and one lower body exercise for the workout…

  • Front Lunge – 50 / Bench Dip – 10 / Kick Through – 20 (15 Adv.)
  • Front Lunge – 40 / Pushup – 20 / Kick Through – 20 (15 Adv.)
  • Front Lunge – 30 / Bench Dip – 30 / Kick Through – 20 (15 Adv.)
  • Front Lunge – 20 / Pushup – 40 / Kick Through – 20 (15 Adv.)
  • Front Lunge – 10 / Bench Dip – 50 / Kick Through – 20 (15 Adv.)

For your Front Lunge, the reps are for EACH LEG.  Also, not that on Kick Throughs, you can do 20 reps of the normal version, or 15 reps of the advanced version.  Each exercise can be seen on our “Exercises” page here on the blog.  WORK HARD!!!

Exercise of the Week

Kick Through

Another awesome exercise for you guys this week…  The Kick Through will work just about every muscle throughout your core, from your arms all the way down to your hip flexors.  The starting position for this exercise is the pushup position.  Begin by rotating your core and “kicking” one foot through to the opposite side of your body.  Replace that foot, then immediately repeat with the opposite foot going to the other side of your body.  You will be using your stationary leg along with both arms to help stabilize your body, making this a great full body exercise.

Front View

You can see that the main movement here is the rotation of the core.  Focus on using your abdominal muscles to bring your foot all the way through to the opposite side of your body as far as you can go.

Side View

Notice here that the feet should come up to at least the height of your hips.  While the main focus, as mentioned, is the rotational movement, bringing the feet up to at least hip level will add some difficulty onto the exercise.

*** The speed of the exercise is slowed down for demonstration purposes.  Increase speed to increase difficulty.  If that still isn’t challenging enough, check out the next version of the exercise.


As you can tell, this version takes a little bit more coordination and effort.  Push off of both feet evenly, rotate in the air, and land with both feet evenly.  The point of emphasis here should be not to jump and get your feet as high off of the ground as possible, but to jump and use your abdominal muscles to rotate quickly.  This is a difficult movement, but adding the jump will take this exercise to the next level, making it a great addition to any workout.

Fitness News and Views of the Week

For you weekly procrastination….

  • For all you guys out there who think supplementing always works, you may be wrong.
  • One of the keys developing a healthy diet is making sure your portion sizes are correct.  If you’re having trouble, here is an awesome portion guide to help point you in the right direction.
  • Now that spring time is closing in on us, many of you will try to pick up running again.  Maybe you have some questions if you are a beginner, however.  Well, here is a great Q&A with some great running tips for those of you that are new to it.
  • It seems that everything we read about dealing with the childhood obesity rate is negative news.  Well I’ve got some positive news.  While this isn’t a drastic change, a research study indicated lower caloric intake in children than in years past.

That’s all I’ve got..  Now get back to staring at the clock.  Only 7 more hours until the weekend!

Shaking My Head

Sex Panther

Have you ever gone to the gym and picked up on a scent that closely resembles a septic tank, or maybe burnt hair??  You start doing your best “hound dog” investigation, walking with your nose out sniffing and searching.  After a few minutes, you spot the culprit.  It’s not a dead skunk, and it’s not week old fish somebody put in the air vent as a prank.  Well what is it????  It’s the guy – in the nipple shirt, of course – who is trying to hit on the girl shredding calories on the old school Nordic Track.

This guy smells like he just took a bath in Brut Cologne, which – if you’ve never smelled – has the power to bring the dead back to life.  It’s that strong and awful; what a perfect combination.  Back to my original rant, though..  You take one walk in the vicinity of this guy, and it’s an instant headache.  The last thing when I’m sprinting at 30 miles an hour on the treadmill is to take a big whiff of Ass Cologne.  You all know what my girl Sweet Brown would have to say about it: AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!  The gym isn’t the place for cologne, BRO!!!  And to be honest, the only place for the stuff you’re wearing is the garbage can.  Do us all a favor and disinfect, and don’t bring that weak stuff in here again..

This one is a little less common than some of my other gym pet peeves, but it is equally as harmful to my health.  I don’t know about you guys, but I do not enjoy the feeling of my nose hairs being signed right before my eyes.  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I’m left Shaking My Head.

Spot Training

Spot Training is defined as attempting to train one specific part of the body at a time.  It is used in gyms on a daily basis, but often times for the wrong reasons.  There are definitely some benefits of spot training, but there are also some negatives when it comes to this type of exercise.  Because many of you have probably heard of, and possibly tried, spot training, I want to explain some of the pros and cons for you.

The biggest misconception regarding spot training is that working one part of the body will result in overall fat loss.  I’ve seen it plenty of times before, and you probably have as well.  The belief that doing hundreds of situps and crunches will result in the loss of belly fat.  Well, unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.  Fat loss works by burning more calories than you bring in.  Your body actually burns fat from all areas during and after exercise, not just from the body part you have been working.  So why all of the crunches and core work??  Well, it’s called the core for a reason.  It’s the center of the body, and if it isn’t STRONG then the rest of the body will not function properly.

**Take away message:  You WILL NOT LOSE FAT at one specific spot by continually working that body part.  Fat loss will come from high-calorie, full body workouts that result in more calories out than in.  Doing just crunches won’t get you a 6 pack set of abs.

Now, when we are discussing the shape and size of our muscles, spot training can be VERY beneficial.  For most people, spot training can be used for muscle TONING.  Do not get this confused with fat loss.  We’ve already discussed how that happens.  You have to lose the fat first.  BUT, once you have lost fat, working specific muscle groups can lead to a more tone muscle and a better overall physique.  Spot training can also lead to muscular hypertrophy for those interested in gaining lean muscle mass.  It’s a simple principle, the more you work a muscle or muscle group, the bigger and stronger those muscles will become.

**Take away message: You can change the shape and size of muscles by focusing on one muscle at a time.  If you want more defined arms, pick up some dumbbells and do some curls or tricep presses.  If you want a bigger chest, hop on the bench press or throw in some pushups.

I hope this has cleared some things up for you and maybe even answered a couple of questions.  Spot training can be a very good thing if it is used in the right manner.  Know what you want out of your workouts.  If toning or hypertrophy is your goal, spot training is a must.  For fat loss, focus more on full body exercises with caloric expenditure the main goal.