Shaking My Head

“Hey man, are you doing a Crossfit workout?”

Insert annoyed look.  “NO!”

It never fails.  At least once a week someone in the gym will associate my workouts with Crossfit.  “You doin’ another Crossfit today?”  “Hey will you put together one of your Crossfit workouts for me?”  “How long have you been doing Crossfit?”  This annoys the absolute shit out of me.  It’s not so much that I have an issue with CF, as much as I do with the knowledge, or lack thereof, that most people have regarding this type of workout.  Let me explain.

The concept behind CF is relatively simple.  It’s circuit training with a few of their own unique twists and tweaks.  Guess what, people??  Circuit training has been around for DECADES!!!  It’s not a new concept.  People have been doing CF exercises (minus the rope climb and their GOD AWFUL excuse for a pullup) for years.  What really gets under my skin is when somebody sees me doing a circuit of my own, breaking a sweat and breathing hard, they automatically assume I’m doing CF.  Let me be clear… Crossfit is circuit training, but not all circuit training is Crossfit.

Now, I love circuit training.  I think it’s the most efficient way to workout in terms of strength and stamina.  But don’t get it twisted.  I’m not one of those “Crossfitters” who is blind to every other form of exercise.  And I’m damn sure not paying over 120 bucks a month to do something I can come up with on my own.  I could write on this topic for a long time, and probably will soon, but just trust me for now… Every time someone asks me about Crossfit, and whether of not I do it, I’m left Shaking My Head.



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