Workout of the Week

It’s about 12:30 as I sit down to write this post.  So, in honor of that (it’s a very special time of day for me), I’m giving you guys 12 exercises to do.  You’re going to do 30 repetitions of each exercises.  For bilateral exercises (lunges, mountain climber, etc), complete 30 repetitions for EACH SIDE.

  1. Split Squat Jump
  2. Crossover
  3. Tricep Dip
  4. Squat Jump
  5. Bicycle Situp
  6. Burpee
  7. V-Up
  8. Reverse Lunge w/ Knee Up
  9. Situp Jack Knife
  10. Pushup
  11. Body Weight Squat
  12. Mountain Climber

As always, go through as quickly as possible while keeping CORRECT form on all exercises.  Rest when needed.


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