Shaking My Head

“Do you know of any good books to read while I’m working out?”

Umm… Excuse me, WHAT?!?!?  You want to do what while you what???  I don’t think you quite understand what the term “working out” really means if you think you can read while doing it.  So let me be clear:  WORKING OUT AND READING ARE ANTONYMS.  For all of you non-scholarly types out there, that means OPPOSITE.  They are not one in the same.  They go together about as good as Ryan Seacrest showing up at a biker rally.  It just doesn’t work.  If you’re silly enough to think you can really read and workout at the same time, then I’ve got some oceanfront property in Idaho I’d like to sell you.

Now, I can’t necessarily take credit for this entry.  It was given to me by a friend.  In all honesty, I believe it has never crossed my mind because everyone that knows me knows that this would be my reaction.  It seriously upsets me that some people are dumb enough to think they can accomplish both at the same time.  Reading is for the couch.  You can do a lot of things on the couch.  But I’m sorry, friends, working out is just not one of those things.

Like I said, this question has never been asked to me directly.  People know better.  Nevertheless, this one is a head-scratcher, and has left me annoyingly Shaking My Head.


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