Fitness News and Views of the Week

For your reading enjoyment while avoiding the real world….

  • Think eating high protein diets will prevent weight gain?  Think again… It doesn’t always have to be complicated.  Sometimes it is as simple as calories in verses calories out.
  • Anyone who has eaten with or near me lately knows that I am on a sweet potato kick right now.  So, if you’re like me, you will appreciate this sweet potato fry recipe.  The good thing about these??? They’re baked as opposed to fries.  Now, sweet potatoes aren’t the absolute healthiest thing you can eat, but they are better than some alternatives.  And hey, you’ve gotta enjoy a few things in life, right???
  • Think sleep is over-rated???  Well, your fat cells may disagree.  GET YOUR 8 HOURS!!
  • Wanting to pack on some muscle??  Or just have a healthy meal to get some protein into your system??  Check out these protein-packed recipes to get your fix.

That’s all for this week.  Now back to your procrastination…



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