Shaking My Head

Man(ti) this really sucks for you….

This week’s entry has nothing at all to do with fitness.  I am taking a break from the prejudices I hold within the fitness industry to focus on the same thing every other media outlet in the country is covering today:  This Guy


If you aren’t a college football fan, or haven’t been alive for the past 24 hours, maybe you have no idea who this fella with the tribal sleeve tattoo is.  His name is Manti Te’o, the (former) starting middle linebacker for Notre Dame.  For the entirety of the 2012 college football season, T’eo played with a heavy heart, dealing with the death of his grandmother and (at the time) girlfriend.  As it turns out, however, the existence and death of his girlfriend was a scam.  If you have not heard of this story, it is worth a look.  The story, which is one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen, has made the front page of  If you haven’t familiarized yourself, please do so before continuing…..

Alright, I certainly don’t know all the details of this story.  Nobody does as of right now, especially most of those reporting on it.  But the uniqueness and rarity of a story such as this is something that most have never seen.  This guy was the Golden Boy of college football this past season.  The second coming of Tim Tebow, if you will.  His biggest attributes, besides no-showing in the national title game, were dignity, honor, respect, trust; all the stuff you genuinely want in a leader of a football team.  And now this??  The poster child of college football is now part of one of the biggest scams in college sports history???

Obviously I’m no detective, but SOMETHING has to be going on here.  How many scheduled meetings between the two of you does she have to skip out on before you start to think something is going on???  Hmmm, weird… You’re claiming that this woman was the love of your life, yet you didn’t go visit her while she was dying from leukemia?  That’s a little odd….  You didn’t even attend her funeral??  Maybe because real funerals are strictly for real people… And lastly, HOW IN THE HELL can you spend 8 hours a night on the phone with someone while she is sleeping, when SHE ISN’T REAL?!?!?  I’ve got nothing for that one folks….

Look, dude, I’m not saying you were a part of this hoax.  You could be as innocent as a newborn baby… But if you weren’t, you have got to be one of the most gullible individuals in the history of individuals.  Where I come from we have a word for people who fall for things like this: DUMBASS…   The Athletics Director of Notre Dame claims that Te’o is the victim of “mean internet people.”  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!  MEAN INTERNET PEOPLE???  You can’t be serious with that one…. A fifth grader can figure out if the love of his life is real or not!!!

I haven’t had enough time to really digest this whole ordeal, and as time comes I’m sure more details will be given.  This, however, is one of the most intriguing, bizarre stories that I have ever heard of, and it has left me confusingly Shaking My Head.

And just because I’m an Alabama fan, and I hate all things Notre Dame, I leave you with this gem….

BAyWyn4CMAA9MKr.jpg large


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