Workout of the Week

In honor of it being approximately 11:30 as I begin this post, I am giving you 11 exercises to complete for this workout.  For each exercise, you’re going to do 30 reps.  Also, in honor of it freezing cold out today, you’re going through the circuit 2 times.  I know it doesn’t make any sense at all, but I also don’t really care…  Here you go.

  1. Pushup
  2. Front Lunge
  3. Plank Climb
  4. V-Up
  5. Reverse Lunge w/ Knee Up
  6. Jack Knife – Seated knee to chest
  7. Burpee
  8. Spiderman Pushup (Stationary) – Bring knee to same side elbow on the way down
  9. Hop Squats
  10. Alternate Leg Lift
  11. Jumping Jacks

For all bi-lateral exercises (lunges, alt. leg lift, etc.) except for PLANK CLIMBS, complete 30 repetitions on BOTH SIDES.  Drop to knees on pushups if needed (keep hips down and core tight).  As always, go through as quickly as possible, modifying as needed and resting only when necessary.


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