Shaking My Head

“Hey, man, do you care if I get a set in real quick??”

Oooooooooooooh this one really chaps my ass sometimes!!!  You’re sitting on you favorite machine (Mine, of course, is the leg kick back machine; GOTTA WORK THEM GLUTES!!) and somebody comes up to you to ask if they can get a quick set in while you are resting.  You, being the polite person that you are, let that person jump in without any question, thinking it would be that simple.  Well, that’s how it goes in your mind.  Let me tell you how it goes in reality.

What this person should have asked you is this: “Can I change all of your seat and weight settings and not put them back where they were when I leave??”  Also, as if there was any question, this person is covered in more sweat than that old guy walking out of the sauna in nothing but a very small towel.  So, you’re machine and weights are all off, AND, to top it off, there has been a bucket of sweat dropped on it.  Oh, and you don’t get a thank you when they’re done.  Consider yourself lucky that they were nice enough to ask before barging in.  Duh.

Most of you know by now that I work on a college campus, with most of my time spent in the gym.  So, as you can imagine, I am surrounded by individuals who are constantly aware of their surroundings and follow proper gym etiquette on a regular basis (I couldn’t even begin to type that without cracking a smile).  Needless to say, I see this quite frequently.  And boy, am I adamant about it.  NO!!!  You can NOT share my butt-lift machine with me!!  I see this happen to others more than myself, probably because of that big F*%$ OFF on my forehead during my workouts.  Regardless, every time I see it, I’m left Shaking My Head.

That’s all for today.  Carry on now.


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