Workout of the Week

I’m posting this week’s workout a day early and with a festive frame of mind.  In lieu of this being the last day of the year, this week’s workout is going to have you completing 365 total reps.  I have 10 exercises in which you will complete 36 reps, and one at the end in which you will do 5 reps.  Here are your exercises:

  1. DB Chest Press
  2. DB Squat
  3. Full Situp
  4. DB Bent Over Row
  5. Lunge Jump
  6. Pushup Position Leg Crossover
  7. DB Clean and Press
  8. DB Reverse Lunge
  9. Alternating Leg Lift
  10. Bench Dip
  11. Plank Climb – 5 reps

Do these exercises one at a time.  Do not move on to the next until you have finished all of the reps on your current exercise.  For exercises that involve one arm/leg at a time (Lunge Jump, Bent Over Row) complete 36 TOTAL REPS/18 ON EACH SIDE.  For the Plank Climbs, complete 5 reps on each side.


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