Shaking My Head

“And I’ll Have a Diet Coke to Drink”

If you don’t know what I’m talking about by the headliner, I’ll explain.  It amuses and annoys the hell out of me when I see someone get a calorie-loaded, fat-infested meal, and try to justify it with a diet soda to drink.  Do you really think that Diet Coke is going to matter after you order the Double Greaseburger, large Cheese Fries, and a tub of Ranch dressing?  Let me guess, you’re watching what you drink??  Right…

Let me be honest with you for a second.  Just because a company slaps a “diet” label on something does NOT mean it is any better for you than the alternative.  It may have a few fewer calories and a little less sugar, but that’s just the tip of the soft drink iceberg.  Truth be told, if it comes in a 12 oz can, 16 or 20 oz bottle, or bigger, the chances of it being good for you are slim and none.  Maybe the trick is not just drinking a diet soda during a meal, but having about 6 or 8 of them throughout the day.  But we all know that nobody ever does that, right??  Put down the soda and drink some water.  People have been getting along just fine doing it for, oh I don’t know, EVER.

Diet Soda.  Shaking My Head.  That’s All.

**DISCLAIMER:  If you are a frequent consumer of diet sodas, I am neither criticizing nor judging you.  I will still be your friend.  I simply do not like diet sodas and choose not to make them a part of my diet.


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