Shaking My Head

The Squat Rack Curler

This week I don’t have near as much hatred to dish out as I did last week, but I’m sure every one can identify with me on this one.  I have seen this happen multiple times within the past week, so it’s fresh on my mind, and annoying the hell out of me.  If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I’ll explain.

Have you ever been to the gym and seen a guy (or girl, I suppose?) doing barbell curls in the middle of the squat rack??  Yep, that’s right.  Taking up the whole rack to pump those massive pythons popping out of that tank top.  Well, jackass, they call it the SQUAT RACK for a reason.  Here, I’ve got a great idea… I’m going to do one of the simplest exercises imaginable, but I’m going to take up the most space I possibly can in the process.  Taking up a whole rack for something that can be done literally ANYWHERE else in the gym is all fine and dandy when there is nobody else around, but how often does that actually happen?  It’s no coincidence to me that this guy is almost always sporting one of these bad boys.

Now, I’m not just being specific to the squat rack curl.  It really pisses me off when I see people taking up obnoxious amounts of space for exercises that don’t need it, regardless of what it is they’re doing.  Look, meat head, I get it.  You’re the most important person in the gym.  We can all see that by the shirt you’re wearing and that one abdominal muscle you keep staring at in the mirror.  But, there are other people around.  The whole “time and place” concept certainly applies to gym etiquette, and a crowded gym is no place at all to forget it.  I see people acting like they “own” the gym quite like this all the time, and every time I do it leaves me Shaking My Head.


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