Fit News and Views of the Week

Here are just a few articles taken from around the web to give you something informative to look at while you’re roaming the web.  While not all these articles may apply to you, or even interest you, they all have some facts that I guarantee you were previously unaware of.

*Are you one of those who looks at leisure-time activity as just that??  Well, turns out it may be more than just something to pass the time.

*If you’re like the rest of the country, you have noticed the recent craze over mud runs.  They are obviously known for their combination of distance running, military style obstacles, and obviously, mud.  This article, however, gives you a behind-the-scenes type of look into some of the more popular races out there.

*Think that weight loss surgery is a quick fix??  Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Apparently, the answer to weight loss isn’t just a quick lap band surgery.

*Ever wonder what time of day may be best to exercise??  Well, I’m not huge on picking a specific time of day to work out, but there is a case made for a specific time of day to exercise in this article.  Not sure I agree %100, but there is some food for thought, anyways.



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