Shaking My Head

Many of you probably remember this particular post from my previous blog.  Some of you, on the other hand, may be new to reading my blog, so I’ll explain what this entry will consist of.  It’s pretty simple – this is my weekly post where I bitch about things in the world of fitness that get on my nerves.  In other words, I get to talk about people (or things) behind their back and get away with it!  Such an honorable thing, right??  Anyways, here is this weeks edition:

The Squealer

When it comes to the obnoxiously loud moaners and groaners in the gym, most of you instantly think of men.  In fact, you can probably think of somebody off the top of your head pretty quickly.  Today, however, I’m an advocate for gender equality and calling out the female squealer.  Now, this is a rare creature, on the brink of becoming an endangered species (thank god), but when you see one you know it right off the bat.

I won’t take all day telling you my thoughts on her, so I’ll just get right to the point…. If you think the it’s uncomfortable or annoying when a guy is grunting in the gym, wait until you hear a female do it.  I’m 25 years old, and by most standards, very laid back.  Not much gets to me.  I swear, though, there is nothing more uncomfortable than hearing a female squealing in the weight room.  It’s like a late night Cinemax movie just came on the loud speaker and you can’t turn it off.  When you’re doing something loud and obnoxious enough to offend me of all people, you know you’re going a little overboard. 

Like I said, this creature doesn’t come out of her cave very often, but when she shows up in the gym, it undoubtedly leaves me Shaking My Head.


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